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Joey Lauren



A minty mouth
drop and hydrating
lip conditioner.
Simple. Sexy. Naturally beautiful.
The effortless and refreshing beauty
of healthy lips and fresh breath.

miss independamint Tm

miss Independa

Vanillamint mouth
drop and hydrating
vanillamint lip
Refreshing mint subtly blends with calming
vanilla. Energizingly cool and collected –
just like you - and just what you need
to take on the day.

spearamint ur exTm

A spearamint mouth drop and hydrating spearmint lip conditioner.


He broke your heart?
Now you have a chance to break his.
Spearamint Ur Ex with a double dose of
payback. Show him what he’s missing.
He didn’t deserve you anyway!
Twitter Lip Conditioner & Mouth Freshener
together in one.

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Twitter Lip Conditioner & Mouth Freshener
together in one.

future of fresh

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mintur exTm




the story

Inventor, entrepreneur, reality TV personality, self proclaimed lip gloss expert, and newest star to the oral hygiene world.

Growing up with a business-mind and over protective father who oversaw her every move (he is a private investigator), Joey's initial exposure to employment and work-life was that of a driven individual who supports himself and his family from very young age. Inspired by her father's career but also feeling the pressure to succeed - Joey read as many business, start-up and entrepreneur books as possible. Coincidence that she majored in Business with a focus on Marketing? Certainly not! And by the way, she graduated Cum Laude.

Out of college she landed a job at a glossy magazine in Manhattan where the cosmetic industry's latest trends were debuted in overwhelming style.

She was in awe of the volume of beauty products crossing her desk as well as the seemingly endless energy of New York City. Joey was completely head over heels in love for the first time in her life - with the fashion and beauty industry and the fast paced life of New York City. Walking down the many avenues of opportunity in Manhattan was like walking down a cat walk every day. She did her absolute best to look her absolute best on the absolute smallest paycheck imaginable. She may have had little cash in her pocket but what she did have in her pocket kept her looking and feeling fabulous: lip conditioning gloss. The simple slick of a gloss across her lips gave her an undeniably feeling of looking polished, youthful and naturally beautiful. These little gems were just what she needed to freshen her look throughout the day and give her that extra little bit of energy to flash her winning smile and strut her stuff down the runway of life.

Her magnetic smile caught the eye of a handsome man and soon she had four loves in her life: The City, lip gloss, her man - and mouth freshener (kisses taste better minty!).

In her seemingly endless attempt to have the perfect pout both inside and out, Joey found herself at the dentist with sensitive teeth caused by over-brushing, chewing of gum, and chomping on mints. When the dentist told her to cut back on all of the above, her fascination with mouthwash began. Similar to connoisseurs of fine wine, Joey developed a palate for mouth fresheners - and while some of them tickled her taste buds, the fun never lasted long. And, much like the lack of longevity of her multiple mouthwashes - the love of her life was quickly fading away too.

Shortly thereafter, when she was in the not-so-glamorous dentist chair for a check-up, she had her Ah-Ha! Moment: Kissamint - two of her obsessions Together At Last!(TM) And with that – it was time for Joey Lauren, the original Miss Independamint (TM), to take the beauty scene by storm and, while at it, having a little devilish fun Spearaminting her ex! (TM)


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